2021: A Year in Review of VICMC

On December 18, 2021, the Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Center (VICMC) held an online year-end meeting. This is an opportunity for the Mediators to look back on memorable images and activities over the past time. Due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the year-end meeting was held online via the Zoom platform.

With the theme “A journey to connect”, the meeting at the end of 2021 is an opportunity for Mediators from all over the country to gather and chat with each other on a small screen about their past year. Mediators also have the opportunity to participate in many interactive activities and interesting games to test everyone’s “understanding” of each other.

Although VICMC members are in many different fields of expertise, they all share the same passion for mediation and always try to contribute to the development and dissemination of mediation in the Vietnamese business community.

In the year 2021 with many ups and downs caused by the pandemic, VICMC Mediators always share the spirit of contributing to the community and society through donation activities to support the hospital. legal support program for startups and organizes free training courses for students, etc.

After looking back at the activities of the past three years, the Mediators had the opportunity to share many interesting stories about the programs and seminars VICMC has held. Along with many behind-the-scenes secrets shared, everyone shares a moment to understand each other better. Together, we are grateful for the members’ efforts to accompany and help each other.

Webinar organized by VICMC and GameCamp Vietnam in October 2021
Webinar Board of dispute resolution and commercial mediation in the construction sector in November 2021
Webinar Board of Dispute Resolution and Commercial Mediation in the Construction Sector in November 2021

Since its establishment on December 20, 2018, VICMC has quickly come into operation with the goal of providing the business community with an alternative dispute resolution option. Up to now, VICMC has continuously developed its services and mediator team. At the same time, the Center actively participates in many community and social activities. In the future, VICMC will continue its efforts toward the mission of promoting dispute resolution by mediation for the business community.

Review VICMC’s 2021 here.

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