dịch vụ hoà giải của Trung tâm hoà giải thương mại quốc tế Việt Nam (VICMC)

Commercial Mediation Service

VICMC provides effective and independent professional mediation services to help parties save time, costs, preserve relationships and confidentiality.
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Online mediation service

Conducting mediation through an online platform is a safe, time-saving, and cost-effective method for the parties in the context of a global pandemic.
The Dispute Avoidance/Mediation/Adjudication Board (DB)

The Dispute Avoidance/Mediation/Adjudication Board (DB)

VICMC provides services of appointing DB members, ensuring the criteria in international model contracts or bidding documents.
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Training and Seminar on Mediation

VICMC strives to fulfill its social responsibility to the community; supporting research activities and training on mediation.