Vietnam International Trade Mediation Center (VICMC) was established in 2018 by members of the Vietnam International Law Association (VSIL). Founders of VICMC aim to build a professional, friendly and reliable mediation organization in Vietnam. VICMC’s goal is to resolve disputes through mediation quickly, cost-effectively, professionally and independently. With that overall goal, VICMC focuses on the following characteristics:

  • Friendly, flexible mediation method

In order to ensure the justice is established by the parties themselves, VICMC defines the facilitative method as the core, combined with the directive method in some specific circumstances and cases. For effective implementation of these methods, VICMC’s mediators are well trained in these methods by international and experienced mediators in Vietnam.

  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the mediation process

The principle of securing confidentiality is applied at VICMC not only in the basic skills of the mediators in the process of mediation and contact with the parties but also included during VICMC’s operation process and guiding the mediators to keep information they know about during the mediation process. VICMC’s code of ethics also upholds this principle.

  • Ensure quick mediation time

In order to promote the advantage of mediation to quickly resolve disputes, VICMC’s mediation activities will try to resolve quickly and not let the case be handled long. In order to encourage the parties to shorten the time in mediation, VICMC applies a mediation mechanism to set a short resolution time and build an online mediation model. These measures are applied at a number of professional mediation centers around the world but they are new in Vietnam.

  • Promote friendliness and keep the relationship for the parties

The advantage of VICMC is different from other mediation organizations that VICMC links with VSIL in organization and operation. VSIL is an organization that brings together people working in the field of international law, especially many who work in the field of diplomacy and teaching law. Some mediators of VICMC are members of VSIL who have extensive experience in foreign affairs, domestic and international communication. The diplomatic experience plus VICMC’s core mediation methods will promote friendliness and maintain relationships for the parties to the dispute.

  • Participate in research activities, training on mediation activities about prevention of contract disputes

With the social goals as stated above, VICMC focuses on research, dissemination of mediation and other options of dispute resolution (ADR) in Vietnam. VICMC is supported and coordinated by teachers at major universities of Vietnam on foreign affairs and international law, such as Diplomatic Academy, Foreign Trade University, and Faculty of Law of Hanoi National University. The combination of mediation activities with research and teaching on mediation will help improve the quality of mediation practice of VICMC. Moreover, VICMC’s research and training activities on mediation will contribute to promoting the mediation method in Vietnam.

With clear development goals and the support of VSIL members, Vietnam International Trade Mediation Center will strive to become a professional, friendly, reliable mediation organization in Vietnam and in the region, contributing to improving the business environment in Vietnam.


(c) VICMC 2019


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