VICMC launchs in Ho Chi Minh city July 2019

The Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Centre (VICMC) was successfully launched on June 7 in Hanoi and 17 July in Hochiminh City bringing a time-saving and cost-effective approach to commercial disputes settlement to businesses.

VICMC will help businesses save cost and time during dispute settlement. At present, a commercial dispute settlement at court takes businesses about 250 days, while that carried out at the VICMC is around one to seven days. VICMC will also keep confidential all the issues related to commercial disputes for the involved parties.

The mission and vision of VICMC is also to build up professionalism and implement non-profit activities in accordance with the principles and the goals of the Vietnam Society of International Law (VSIL) and VICMC.


Founders of Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Center





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