Vietnam Mediation Moot – V-Med 2022   

V-Med – Vietnam Mediation Moot is a Vietnamese competition on commercial mediation with the aim of promoting the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and skills on dispute resolution through commercial mediation in Vietnam.
V-Med - Vietnam Mediation Moot
V-Med – Vietnam Mediation Moot 2022 is co-organized by Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Center (VICMC) and Foreign Trade University (FTU).
V-Med 2022 – Vietnam Mediation Moot

Not only a playground for law students, but V-Med also welcomes all students from universities, academies, and training institutions across the country. In addition to the competition stages with a new form of hypothetical mediation session, V-Med also offers a series of Workshops on negotiation and mediation skills with many opportunities to meet lawyers and legal experts, experienced mediators in Vietnam.

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VICMC Secretariat

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